Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The MOULI Salad Maker!

I have been considering the purchase of a food processor, so I could start making Sunshine Salad again. (Grating carrots with a hand grater is a dangerous occupation for me.) I had to go up to New Albany recently to pick up a repaired ring. When there I always like to visit a couple of consignment/jumble shops. At the first one I found the most amazing little gadget, probably from the 1950's, in it's original box, the MOULI Salad Maker. For $8 I thought I could afford to take it home and try it.

Starting with fresh carrots from the Farmers' Market, wash, scrub, trim ends. Set up the Salad Maker and give it a whirl. I chose the medium shredder disc, slipped it in, attached the handle, and grated several carrots in no time. It takes a little elbow grease to hold the paddle down.

Grated carrots, a few grapes cut in half, and Jello quick-cooling......

In the 'frig' for an hour or so...........

Pls. note on the lower shelf a product my mother loved, and which will make the Sunshine Salad taste even more delicious....Cool Whip!

The MOULI Salad Maker with the other four blades:

The finest blade can be used to shave ice! More possibilities.

I just happend to borrow this little recipe book from the library, and there are many interesting recipes for shaved ice deserts!

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