Monday, March 18, 2013

Kanzashi Blooms!

I found a really cute book lask year on making a Japanese style fabric flower, 'Kanzashi in Bloom,' by Diane Gilleland.  Three types of petal instructions are given (round, pointed, and pleated), and the book has many projects for using the blossoms for jewelry, hair ornaments, fashion accessories, and even home decor items such as drawer knobs and a tea cozy.

Diane also has a very colorful craft blog, called CraftyPod (click here to go to CraftyPod), which has lots of craft tutorials, inspiration to get your crafty going, and information about the book, Kanzashi in Bloom.

I gave a demonstration on making Kanzashi blooms to my EGA chapter last week, and here is a picture of the pins we made.  They are very colorful!  See the cute lady bug pin on Susan's green flower?  She sewed the button on in a way that gave the lady bug antennae.   Please note the tiny bloom on the right, it's actually a ring to go with my pin.  Tiny blooms are a challenge to make.  Cotton is the best fabric to work with, as you can finger press the folds and the shape will hold well.

Friday, March 15, 2013

More Fiber Camp Pictures

During Fiber Camp 2013, to be held at Sit N Rock Quilt and Sewing Shop June 3 - 7, we will explore embroidery stitches.  We will work on a sample piece to learn the stitches.  In the photo below I have used part of a colorful fabric I found at Sit N Rock, 1502 West Jackson Avenue (662-234-0800,

After a little practice we will create a small needle book to store needles we will be using during Fiber Camp 2013 (embroidery, tapestry, etc.)  Using the correct needle for each fiber project is a must for good results, and this is a good way to keep the needles organized.  You can right click on any picture for a larger view.

Detail of the embroidery stitches: Running, Stem, Long Cross Stitch, Chain, Lazy Daisy, Fern, French Knots, Buttonhole, Chevron, Couching, etc.  Most of the stitches are basic and easy to learn. We will learn several of the basic stitches, and, time permitting, go on to the slightly more advanced stitches.

Front of the Needle Book, which is made from wool felt.  The butterfly design is from another fabric which is all butterflies.  Iron-on fusible adhesive adheres it to the cover of the book and it is then embroidered.

Back of needle book and interior.  The butterfly fabric on the inside covers up the back side of the embroidery stitches, then a little book is made with 8 pages to store various needles.

To register for Fiber Camp, please call Sit N Rock, 662-234-0800.

The next post has several more photos of Fiber Camp 2013 pictures.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I am offering a Fiber Camp for children ages 9 and up this summer from June 3 - 7, to be held at Sit N Rock Quilt and Sewing Shop, 1502 West Jackson Avenue in Oxford (662-234-0800, info  My assistant and I will be teaching weaving, felted beads, embroidery, basketry and braiding techniques.  The camp is from 9 - 5 each day, and all materials are included in the fee, which is $225.  (We are offering an early registration discount of $200 for the week, before May 1st.)

A guest artist will teach spinning on the wheel as well as drop spindle.  Besides the small weaving project (below), one or two table top looms will be set up for weaving throughout the week, making mug rugs on a rigid heddle and four shaft loom.

Here are some photos of what we will be teaching.  More photos to come!


 Felted Beads (and embroidery on the beads)


 Coiled basket in progress

Kumihimo Braiding, necklaces and bracelets 

 Macrame Choker Necklaces

To register for Fiber Camp, please call Sit N Rock, 662-234-0800.