Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shake a Leg! (Silly...)

Well, after much delay here is the next step in my little dog!  I thought I would try and show detailed steps of the process I took to attach her second leg.  Yes, she's a girl.  Her name is Sadie.

For the leg I used about this much roving:

Which I then folded in half...

And used the Green 5-needle tool until it looked something like this...

I found it helpful to keep rolling and folding the fiber to get it to compress into a leggish shape!  Afterwards, I used the Pink 3-needle tool to shorten the length by inserting the needle at an angle into the leg, like so:

Here is a snap showing the size of the leg just before I attached it, as compared to the finished other leg:

It made sense to leave the leg just a little bigger, since you compress it more when attaching and shaping it.

So, I positioned the leg...

And used the Pink 3-needle tool to attach it at the back end:

Once I had the leg stuck on at the back, I decided that just one needle would give me the detailed control to shape the leg (I still think it's amazing that you really can stick on a single piece of wool at a time!), so I decided to remove a couple of needles.  You do this by unscrewing the white collar from the back of the pen to reveal the needle compartment:

Then you can just slide the extra needles out one at a time -

...and get to work shaping up the leg!

So, now she has two legs!  She is all finished actually, and I will put up the rest of the process is another post (hopefully later today).

A Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there - and especially to my mom, and aunt.  The women I share this blog with constantly set an example for me of the way I should try to live my life - be happy, be encouraging, work for the things you believe in, do what you love and CREATE!  Sounds like a marvelous plan!  xoxo