Monday, April 21, 2014

Dorset Buttons on the Go!

I can't stop making Dorset Buttons.  There are so many colorful threads to try!  I needed something small to fit in my purse -- for trips in the car, intermission during a performance, or just waiting in line somewhere.  Here is what I came up with.

Wow, I only had one empty tin of those 'Curiously Strong Peppermints.'  Guess I'd better start eating them again.  I decoupaged a piece of wrapping paper to the lid.  (To do this, you don't need to cut the wrapping paper exactly the same size, just use a scrap that is larger than the top of the tin.)  Brush the decoupage medium on the top of the tin, place the paper on it, then apply more medium on top of the paper.  Squeeze out the bubbles as much as possible.  When the paper is completely dry (wait a day), use an emery board to trim the paper all around the top edge.  Works perfectly.

Here is the tin with enough supplies to make several Dorset buttons!

Yes, you can really fit all this stuff in the tin:  several empty plastic rings, four floss holders with various threads on them, several buttons finished or in progress, an emery board cut to fit (sometimes the plastic rings have to be smoothed along the mold lines), a glass vial that holds tapestry needles, and a pair of fold-up scissors.

I love my on-the-go Dorset Button Kit!