Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nuno Felted Wet Shawls!

Once the wool roving starts to felt and push through the silk scarf (after rolling about 600 times), it can be taken off the roll and gently tossed onto the table. Here Mary and Jackie toss the shawls. When the shawl really starts to felt, you can start throwing it more forcefully on the table. A short warm up in the microwave, in a plastic bag, also helps the felting process.

Elizabeth tries on her very wet shawl!
Looks good!
Purples and blues were popular color choices. Here, Eloise tries on her wet shawl.
Mary chose a 'spring palette' for her nuno felted shawl:
Dana models her 'western' themed shawl:
These are my kind of colors! Mary modeling her hot pinks and orange wet shawl:
Eva's finished, but still wet, nuno felted shawl:
Victoria's variegated reds came out beautifully!:
A special thank you to Cathy, who helped to find a location for Carolyn's nuno felting class and who took ALL the photos in class. This photo was taken a week later at Cathy's ranch, and so far it's the only dry shawl we have seen!
They look a lot different when they are dry. The ruching and puckering are more obvious. We can't wait to see all of them dry and embellished with beads, sequins, buttons, etc. Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop, you were really fun to work with!