Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nuno Workshop cont'd

Wool roving holds the mohair locks, ribbons, yarn & thread embellishments in place during the felting process. Eva's shawl is ready for felting.
Dana's artful arrangment of roving and embellishments:
Dana applying warm, soapy water to the felt 'sandwich' of bubble wrap, silk scarf & roving, and a top layer of bridal veil netting to hold the roving and embellishments in place:
After wetting the sandwich with soapy water, it is rolled up slowly and fastened with two nylon stockings. Then the rolling process begins. Roll it 200 times, back and forth. Open and check to see how the felting process is going. Roll it up again, and repeat back and forth rolling another 200 times. Repeat as necessary until you can see that the roving has migrated through to the back side of the silk scarf and the roving on the front has started to shrink and felt. Below, Jackie and Janet rolling, rolling, rolling.......
Janet checks the progress of her nuno felted shawl, below.

Next post.....workshop participants modeling their wet nuno felted shawls!