Friday, June 20, 2014


I may have several thousand buttons.  (Should I admit to that?)  I have my mother's button tin, which she used to bring out on rainy days when we were kids.  She would have us sort and string the matching buttons together.  Mostly utilitarian buttons, but there are some little gems in the tin, too.  Of course, I have collected many more over the years.  I love diminutives, colorful vintage, and any button that sparkles.

I could just look at my pretty buttons, but I do sometimes feel that I must make crafty things with them!  I have made and wear several button bracelets, some with all white, black, and clear buttons,  and some with mixed colors.

The bracelets are easy to make.  I like to double the braided elastic (3/8" wide).  Each button, or stack of buttons, need to be sewn individually to the elastic.  (I use Nymo beading thread.)  You can add beads as you are attaching the buttons.  Knot the end of the thread leaving about a 3" tail beyond the knot.  Sew through the stack of buttons several times.  Make a couple square knots inside the bracelet, with the two remaining tails of thread.

I like to cover the stitches and knots with little pieces of lace or Ultrasuede, using Beacon Fabri-tac glue. 
The wide bracelet has the tiniest, cutest, donkey button (lower middle):

Cat button bracelet and Mac, the Best Cat Ever.
Vintage cat button. 

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  1. Wendy Jean GarrisonJune 29, 2014 at 5:33 PM

    These bracelets are fabulous. Althea leads a great how-to workshop on the subject.