Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Inspiration Pieces!

After visiting the NMAI, and a bite to eat from a cute little Farmer’s Market in front of the Custom House,

we head up to the Metropolitan Museum for yet another exhibit of Native American art & craft.  These items are from the The Coe Collection of American Indian Art, and are on exhibit through October 14. 
(Photography allowed, no flash.)  Here is Joyce Growing Thunder again!. This ‘doll’ was incredible, the design and workmanship are so exquisite. And this time I got to see the figure in the round, as well as the inspiration pieces that inspired the work!
Here is the inspiration piece that inspired Joyce Growing Thunder's figure, front and back.  It is a Girl's Cape, Assiniboin, from 1890-1905.

You can search the Metropolitan online data base for photos and information about museum objects and collections, including Joyce Growing Thunder: 
I love the internet!  It is wonderful for people like me who live hundreds (and thousands) of miles from the large museums.  To search the Museum's online data base, click hereTry looking up 'dolls' and see what comes up, it's amazing.  There are so many objects in a museum's collection that are not currently on display which you can see online.
I did a search “beadwork in the coe collection” and found lots of beautiful pieces to study, including this Iroquois Glenngary style cap.  I want to make one of these.

Lastly, I love this figure in the Museum.  I’m afraid I do not know what it is, but I call it “Curmudgeon Baby,” because that is what it looks like to me!  Cute Curmudgeon Baby.

Tip for visiting the Metropolitan Museum.  The recommended fee for admission for adults is $25 (seniors $17).  When my daughter and I visited we arrived later in the afternoon.  I asked if I could pay less, as we would only be there less than two hours, and they said we could pay an amount of our choosing, so I paid less than the suggested amount.  But if I had been able to spend all day at the museum, $25 is a bargain for what you get at this BEST art museum in the U.S.!

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