Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Embellishing a Hat

What's wrong with this hat? Did the manufacturer forget to finish it? I don't think so. I purchased this hat in a well known department store (begins with a capital "T"), and the hat is by a famous millinery designer I had not heard of until I saw the magazine advertisements for his line of hats, to be sold at the famous department store starting October 29 for $20 each. Of course, the first time I was in Memphis after October 29 (my small town is not large enough for two famous department stores, only the awful one) I had to go check them out. I bought three, they are really quite nice. I liked the way this one fit, but thought the decoration was a little.....well, young and hip. Which I am not. But I knew I could have fun with it and make it into a hat that I really liked.

I remedied the 'unfinished' nature of the hat by sewing a wide ribbon on the half of the hat that was ribbonless. Then I applied old black lace all around the hat, a narrow ribbon above the lace on one side, and a narrow black trim attached with beads on the other side. I finished it with a large ribbon flower and cockade near the front of the hat, and velvet leaves toward the back to cover the break in the decoration.

I really like the two different, but similar, sides of the hat.

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