Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Displaying Special Hats - Decorative Head Mannequins

I have a couple very special hats, and for these I created a special way to display them. Here is a 1920's cloche, probably given to me by my mother 40 years ago. It is very fragile and cannot be worn. I purchased an inexpensive styrofoam head and painted it with several layers of Gesso; the last one or two layers I added a touch of color by mixing in some acrylic paint. I used a little powder rouge on the cheeks.

The wooden base was painted in a color similar to the hat. I then gave the head a necklace, using some antique beaded trim. The ribbon ornament, looking sort of like a bowtie, was made using Candace Kling's wonderful book, The Artful Ribbon.

Here is another special head mannequin. This time I strung beads and pinned them to the styrofoam (in case I need them later for another project!)

Here is a most special hat, one my mother wore in the 1940's. She loved this hat and kept it all those years. When she gave it to me I tried it on, and it was very small! I made this special head mannequin and put it on it, and it fit perfectly and made the hat look just right. Once again, the head and base were painted, with a necklace attached. The scarab pin my father brought home from Africa, where he was stationed in WWII.

A photo of Lulu wearing the hat, and my father, in his Army Air Corps uniform. My mother told me a sad story was behind the photograph, as they were attending the funeral of a college friend of my father. He was a training to be a pilot in the Army Air Corps, and died in a plane crash. I cannot imagine living during WWII, but my mother told us many interesting (and sometimes sad) stories about the experience. They sacrificed a lot for us.

My house is very dusty. I devised a way to keep dust off some of textiles. I use the many MANY vintage hankies I have collected over the years. When a guest stays in this room, I remove the hankies. It's easier to shake the dust from a hanky than it is a hat.

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