Friday, May 27, 2011

'Yarn Bombing' Headbands

The knit shop owner did some yarn bombing with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club and asked me to help with it. I came up with the idea of 'yarn bombing' headbands and adding a little yarn flower, pom-pom or other decoration.

The kids really liked it, the little ones and the older girls too. Even a couple boys made headbands, for their girlfriends of course.

They are quick and easy to make. We used fabric covered head bands, which I found at the dollar store (six in a pack for one whole dollar). First thing I do is drop the ball of yarn on the floor (a basket would work too). Take the yarn tail and hold it down with your thumb at one end of the headband. Start wrapping the yarn, and wrap over the tail. When you get to the other end, thread the yarn onto a tapestry needle and go back under several wraps. You can also just use glue, which we did at the B&G Club for speed.

To add a little interest to the band, go back over it with the yarn in both directions, making large cross-stitches, as on the band below.

The yarn flowers were made with the Hana-Ami flower loom from Clover. The headband below was wrapped in a vintage ribbon, with mohair flowers made on the Hana-Ami loom.

Some firemen were visiting the B&G Club, and one of them made a pretty headband for his wife! The others watched but weren't game for crafting a headband. They were good sports, though!

You can wrap all kinds of yarns around the headbands, and I have experimented with using different yarns in the Hana-Ami loom too. Here is a ribbon type yarn.

Lastly, a pretty rick rack using the flower loom.

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