Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Craftea - Vintage Valentine Making

A couple years ago I had my little Craftea group of friends over for an afternoon of Valentine making.

I spread out all my supplies -- doilies, stickers, photocopies of old trading and postcards, stick-on alphabets, tissue paper, sequins, buttons, poems, glue sticks, cardstock, etc. After showing the group a Valentine I had previously made, they went to town creating their own 'vintage' Valentines.

In the next post is a description of the process of making a reproduction of an old, pop-up Valentine.

Jan with her card:

Elaine's colorful card:

Helene is pleased with her creation:

Wendy sent her Valentine to her mother, who loved it and said it reminded her of making Valentines as a child with her grandmother.

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