Sunday, June 14, 2009

Carolyn's Nuno Felting Workshop

Carolyn came to Mississippi for a nice long visit in April. I kept her real busy (like she does when I visit her in Tucson!). One day during her visit, Carolyn gave a nuno felting workshop to members of my North Mississippi Fiber Arts Guild, plus some members of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers.

It was a great class and a great group of very agreeable students. There were 11 of us. That's a big class, but everyone was patient, hard working, and knew how to laugh! Thanks all, for a wonderful day, and especially to Carolyn for sharing your knowledge and artistry with us.

Below are photos of Carolyn's "trunk show" before class. In the next post.....hard at work students and their finished (though still wet) nuno felted shawls.

Above and below, Carolyn models one of her nuno felted shrugs, front, back, and detail.

Below, Mary models a shrug.

Eva is a natural born model! Here, modeling Carolyn's nuno felted cocoon jacket. Plus a detail of the jacket.

Below, Thea's shows the versatility of a nuno scarf. Driving to class, on a cool April morning, the driver window in the van would not go up. We pulled one of Carolyn's scarves out of the back, wrapped it around my head and shoulders, and I was cozy all the way to the workshop (50 miles!).
More photos in the next posts of students designing, rolling, more rolling, trying on wet shawls, etc.