Monday, May 11, 2009


Here are some of the amazing dolls that were on exhibit at Artistic Figures in Cloth:

This is another doll by my teacher, Allison Marano. This one is called "Tarin." Please visit Allison's website to see more of her figures. They seem to capture perfectly a moment in the fleeting life of a fairy, pixie, or elf.
Below are two dolls by another instructor, Susan Barmore, "Joeie" and "Treesa."
Both Allison and Susan were instructors at AFIC. It is very hard to choose which class to take! Susan's 'folk art' figures and dolls are really different, and beautifully painted in a primitive/modern kind of way.

Inez Brasch was standing next to her figure, "Morrigan," when I stopped to look at it. Her name rang a bell with me immediately. I remembered seeing a doll grouping at the last doll conference I attended, more than ten years ago, with her name attached to it. Inez explained to me that Morrigan is an Irish folklore figure who takes care of the dead. It is hard to see it in this small picture, but Morrigan has a very beautiful, serene face. There are better photos on Inez's Picture Trail.

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