Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fascinator, Part 2

Carolyn, Herb & Thea at the Guild Fashion Show

I did not have the nerve to wear my fascinator to the guild fasion show luncheon, but it was on view at one of the display tables. The fashion show was amazing -- beautiful woven, knitted and felted garments and accessories.

The finished hat, almost (I think it might need a feather, or perhaps a veil?!):

To make a fascinator, start with a hat form (buckram or crinoline), which can be found at fabric stores that have a good bridal section. I used a 5" round form, which I covered with green dupioni silk. To cover the form, cut a circle of the silk a couple inches larger than the form, run a gathering thread around the edge, pull up the threads and fit over the hat form. Sew to the form with a running stitch near the edge of the form, going through all layers. A yellow dupioni silk garden path (below) was then appliqued to the hat base with a running stitch.

The next step was attaching the arbor support to the hat, for which I used 22 ga. florist wire. Wind the center of an 18" piece around a vial of beads, or other small tube. Sew the curved section onto the hat base. You will have two pieces sticking up on each side of the garden path. Sew the front two pieces together at the height desired for the arbor. Now, measure it! I didn't and was sorry when I sewed the back two pieces together and then tried to apply the ribbon trim to the uneven front and back support pieces!

This wild trim, from Tinsel Trading, was glued to the arbor and afterwards the excess was trimmed away:
Note the ribbon flowers, made ahead and waiting to be applied to the hat! More on flowers & dolls for the hat in my next posts. I hear a storm heading this way, so must turn off my computer!

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