Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fascinating Hats

My sister belongs to a wonderful fiber guild in Arizona. There are several small study groups in the guild, and Carolyn is part of a group of women who study and make hats! They are currently studying, and creating, fascinators, a little hat that sits slightly off-center on the front of the head. I was inspired to make one to wear to Carolyn's guild fashion show this coming Saturday. It's a little out there, I'm not sure I'll have the nerve to wear it. But it was fun to make! Here it is:

"Lulu's Garden"
Many ribbon flowers were made to cover the hat. Two tiny dolls (my sister and me) are sitting and walking around the garden, and Lulu looks over us and the garden from the center of an orange daisy-like flower. Our mother always had wonderful flower gardens, rectangular beds in front of the house, a large bed beside the house with lilies, peonies, and many annuals.

The colors of the hat were inspired by a jacket Carolyn found at a Goodwill store when we were up in Massachusetts in December. She generously gave the jacket to me as I wasn't sure I could live without it. The colors in the jacket are warm -- red, orange, yellow, maroon, magenta, green. Here it is hanging from the mailboxes in my studio which hold my art and craft supplies:

I was further inspired when we visited my daughter in New York City. Kathy patiently waited while Carolyn and I went a little crazy in our favorite NYC store, Tinsel Trading. I chose a selection of ribbons and trims in the same color palette as the jacket:

To which I added more hot colors from my own stash:

More later with some tips on making a wild and wacky fascinator!

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